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Welcome to Ready-Made Online!

Ready Made is a licensed and certified thermoform plastic tray manufacturer offering products and services to both businesses and the public. Whether you are a business owner, a distributor or an individual, we stock most of the trays you are looking for at great low prices. Guaranteed!

If you don’t see what you want in our catalog, don’t hesitate to call us. We can re-tool and make a custom plastic tray to fit your exact needs. Our personnel are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, no matter what it takes! Our tooling shop is fully back up and running!

To Our Valued Customers

We have created this site with you in mind. In addition to making our new catalog very user friendly, we have also included a page with our old catalog there so you could order as you normally would. We have also input your information so the order process is simpler. Just enter your name and password, and you are on your way to ordering the same quality trays you have come to depend on.

If you are a new client, it is relatively easy for you to set up a new account and you will enjoy ordering Ready Made trays to fit your needs. We offer free samples before you order a tray for the first time so you know exactly what you are ordering. Please feel free to ask us about this great opportunity before you place your order.

Ready-Made will not accept returns or exchanges. If the trays you receive are damaged or unsatisfactory, please inform us within a week of receipt or we will consider the order to have met all quality standards and finalized.

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We Know the value of working

At Ready Made we know the value of working with a real person and that is why our customers are invited to work directly with Shalyse or Nicole. They are all available to help you place, change, or cancel an order whenever necessary. If you need a special mold created for your specific purpose, our service is hard to beat.

If you prefer doing all of your ordering online, you will find this site easy to work with. However, if you still want to place your order with Shalyse or Nicole, feel free to call today to set up an account and discover the difference personal service makes!

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